All you need to know about folk music in New Zealand
Andy Irvine

Iconic musician and good friend. Excellent biography pages!
Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

The on-line home of two good friends, guitar and harp as you have never heard them before.
Tony Hillyard

Fine ex-pat (means he's from England) singer and guitarist, now resident in Wellington, NZ.
Bob McNeill

Whisky connoisseur, songwriter, guitarist and computer wizard, Bob is responsible for without which this site would not have been possible.
Helen Webby

The website of my musical partner-in-crime
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

A fine folk duo, James is the the most innovative Celtic bouzouki player to come out of Australia, even though he plays a bouzouki made by someone else!
Graham Wardrop

Christchurch based guitarist extraordinaire and a fine luthier too.
Peter Stephen

A fine Christchurch based luthier, not shy about sharing his knowledge and skills.
William Cumpiano

Master luthier, his instrument making philosophy closely matches mine.
The Mandolin Cafe

Everything to do with the mandolin family of instruments
Han's Irish Bouzouki Homepage

All you need to know about the "Irish" Bouzouki, tunings, chords, makers etc etc
String This

Excellent on-line supplier of strings
Just Strings

And another excellent string merchant. Just about any instrument, great service. My supplier of 'bulk' string for my instruments
Shoreline Music

My on-line source of K&K pickups, though they supply a lot more than that. Excellent service and pricing.

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