Here’s a sample of the people owning and playing Stuart instruments…

Andy Irvine, (Ireland) , Custom Bass-ouki, Custom Mandolin, Mandola

Ben Stephenson, (Trouble in the Kitchen, Aus), 14" tunable bodhran, custom bouzouki

Billy Jackson, (Ossian, UK/USA), Mandola

Bob McNeill, (NZ, Scotland), OM Guitar

Chris Newman, (UK) , OB octave mandolin & custom Guitars

Christy Moore, (Ireland), 18" tunable bodhran

Daori Farrell, (Ireland), Custom Bass-ouki

Donal Lunny , (Ireland/Japan), 16" and 23" tunable bodhrans

Frances Cunningham, (ex SixMileBridge, USA), ZX10 bouzouki, OB octave mandolin

Guy Roelofs, (Grond, Netherlands), 8 &10 string bouzoukis

Iain McLeod, (ex Shooglenifty, UK), mandolin

James Keelaghan, (Canada) , 8 string Bassouki

Jens Ulvsand (Faerd etc, Sweden), TC6 guitar, custom ZB8 bouzouki

John Martin, (ex Tannahill Weavers, UK), OB octave mandolin

Lindsay Martin, (Australia), LT8 Mandolin, ML8 Mandola

Matt Heaton, (US) OB Octave mandolin

Mike Considine, (Ireland), ZX8 Bouzouki, 14" bodhran

Peter Uhrbrand, (Faerd, Denmark), ZX bouzouki, TG6 guitar

Phil Smillie, (Tannahill Weavers, UK), 16" tunable bodhran

Rens Van Der Zalm, (Netherlands/Australia), Custom Mandolin

Svend Kjeldsen, (Moving Cloud, Denmark), 23" tunable bodhran

Trevor Hutchinson, (Lunasa, Ireland), ZB bouzouki

And many more…

In addition, you may well encounter instruments in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Chile, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and lots in Australia and New Zealand..

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