All prices are in New Zealand dollars and are current from 1 Dec 2023

I do all I can to keep my prices as affordable as I can, but regretfully my costs have risen so dramatically in the past 2 1/2 years that I have to pass some of these on.. The 'basic' price listed is for an instrument built to my standard specifications, ie Mahogany/Spruce, etc.
For these specs, please click HERE

'Basic price'


Mandolin LT8/LT10
<-- go to mandolin page
Mandola MLP8
<-- go to mandola page
Octave Mando OB8/OB10
OX8/OX10 (large-body)


<-- go to OB page
<-- go to OX page
Bouzouki ZB8
ZX8/ZX10 (large-body)


<-- go to bouzouki page
Mandocello MX8 (large-body)
<-- go to mandocello page
Guitar OM6/TG6
TC6 (cutaway)
<-- go to guitar page

Guitar-bouzouki GZ8 (no cutaway)

GZC8 (with cutaway)




All stringed instruments (except for mandola) are supplied with a hard-shell case included in the price.

I can supply instruments with other 'exotic' tonewoods for back and sides, please ask and I will happily give you a quote of additional costs over and above the 'basic' instrument costs detailed..

Exchange rates vary, to check current rates please go here --> Currency converter

Freight/packing will be charged at cost and will vary with the size of instrument. Please email me for an estimate.

I do not like working with deposits, I prefer to agree the price with a customer when an instrument is ordered and that is the price payable on completion, prior to shipping.

At the time of order, I will give as accurate an estimate of delivery time as possible, but since I work on my own, it is difficult to be precise. I will contact a customer prior to beginning to build their instrument and at that point I should be able to be able to provide a more reliable estimate.

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