One Beautiful Day - Helen Webby & Davy Stuart
1  The Waterbed Set   
2  One Beautiful Day   
3  The Tooth Fairy/Pat and Al's   
4  Rockinghorse/Lollie's Waltz   
5  The Green Cottage/The Broken Night   
6  Sidesaddle   
7  Glor na nAingeal   
8  Rasmus Storm's Minuet   
9  Tana/The Little Cascade   
10  The Halting March/En Suite Barn   
11  Frozen Landscapes I   
12  Frozen Landscapes II   
13  Frozen Landscapes III   
Music from Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand

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The Golden Strand - Helen Webby & Davy Stuart
1  The Good Natured Man/Tripping up the Stairs   
2  Fields of Gold   
3  The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mill/Glenlivet   
4  The Couldstone Waltz   
5  Lady Athenry   
6  Joseph on the Golden Strand   
7  The Polka Set   
8  The Countess Cathleen/Water Under the Keel   
9  Contempt for Fiddlers   
10  Port Patrick/Millbrae/Music in the Glen   
11  Rory Dall's Port   
12  The O'Connor Jigs   
13  The Mule Colt   
14  Kean O'Hara   
14 tracks of celtic harp and guitar music old and new from Ireland Scotland, England and New Zealand

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The Peacock's Dance - Helen Webby & Davy Stuart
1  The Pullet/Pigeon on the Gate   
2  Joy to the person of my love   
3  Paddy Fahey's/Mary O'Neill/George Brabazon   
4  Planxty Sweeney/Give me your hand   
5  The Pretenders March   
6  Mrs Hamilton   
7  Carolan's Dream/The Little Cascade   
8  Sir Festus Burke   
9  Squire Wood's Lamentation   
10  O'Neill's Cavalcade   
11  John O'Connor   
12  The Clergyman's Lamentation   
13  The Hornpipes   
14  The Ohio Waltz/The Peacock's Dance   
"The Peacock's Dance" is a varied compilation of 14 tracks of glorious music for harp and guitar, with a sprinkling of cittern. A mix of 'classic' Carolan pieces and others from Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand.

"The pair weave their way through a selection of airs and dances

with relaxed skill and taste. Beautifully arranged and paced, with delicate

interplay between musicians, a treat for the ears" NZ Musician, Apr/May 2002

" A superb recording" Folk on Sunday, Radio Kidnappers 1431AM

"The album is extremely listenable as a work of beautiful cooperative playing" Sing Out!, USA.


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