Octave Mandolin/Cittern

I make two different models of Octave Mandolin/Cittern each of which has slightly different characteristics. I use a 22" scale length, being a short, playable scale, yet using readily available gauges of ball-end guitar strings, usually 48, 32, 22, 14 from bass to treble. They can be built with 8 strings, usually tuned GDAD or GDAE, an octave lower than a mandolin, or with 10 strings in which case they are usually known as Citterns, tuned GDADA or similar. In the case of the 10 string version, I use a 21" scale, allowing the top string to get up to a high A using a 10 gauge. The bass courses can be unison or strung in octaves as in a 12 string guitar.

The OB body size fits into a banjo case, the OX fits a guitar case, to give you an idea of their relative sizes.

"Fantastic. I love it! It's the perfect size, really well balanced & easy to play." - Matt Heaton

For details of the OB click HERE

For details of the OX click HERE

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OB8 & OX8

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