A new addition to the range is this intermediate instrument, the link between Mandolin and Octave Mandolin, with a proportionate body size.

This instrument is built using a different form of bracing for the soundboard, "lattice bracing" to give a more "mandolin-like" tone. With an 18" scale it can be tuned to DAEB, giving the same intervals as a mandolin. It can also be capoed at the 5th fret to make it correspond to the mandolin's GDAE with a similar scale length, so you really have two instruments in one.

Length 77.5cm Width 32cm Scale 46cm/18"
Tunings CGDA, DAEA, DAEB or similar

Presently I am unable to source a suitable hard-shell case, this instrument is supplied with a padded gig-bag.

"Got the instrument and it is lovely. It is beautifully made." - Billy Jackson

Prices from NZ$1700
Check out the materials HERE and more detailed prices HERE

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