I definitely subscribe to the 'small is beautiful' school, especially when it comes to steel-string guitars. For balanced tone from bass to treble and sheer convenience it terms of posture, I don't think they can be beaten. And don't let anyone tell you that small guitars are quiet - a pure urban myth. Volume is purely down to the skills of the luthier and my guitars aren't shy!

I am open to building different shapes and designs, but I have three which I build regularly, one modelled on the Martin OM shape and size, the OM6, one modelled on a Taylor shape, the TG6 and a similar one with a cutaway, the TC6.

"It really is a lovely piece of work, and very striking in its appearance. I'm sure it'll work really well on stage, although I was also impressed by the recorded sound." - Chris Newman

To see the story of Chris Newman's all-black TC6 guitar, click HERE

Prices from NZ$3200
Check out the materials HERE and more detailed prices HERE

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