The largest and lowest of my mandolin family instruments, the mandocello or "bass-ouki" fits into a jumbo guitar case. A very full, deep, resonant sound comes from the large body, the same body I use for my largest bouzouki.

Excellent for solo song accompaniment or as a guitar replacement in a band situation while still keeping elements of the 'bouzouki' sound. Capoing at the 5th fret while tuned DAEA gives 'normal' GDAD, or it can, of course, with a replacement nut and saddle be strung GDAD. Two instruments in one!

Length 102cm Width 38cm
Tunings CGDA, DADG, DAEA or similar
Scale length 65.5cm/251/2"
Supplied complete with fitted hard-shell case

"I have spent all day playing it and really love it!! What an unusual sound. Thanks a million for your craftsmanship!" Andy Irvine

Prices from NZ$2530
Check out the materials HERE and more detailed prices HERE

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