I use two body sizes for my bouzoukis, each of which has that characteristic bouzouki sound.

The ZB is the same size as my OB Octave Mandolin and is a good all-round instrument. The ZX size body is much larger and is the same as the one I use for Mandocellos, so it's big!

They may be strung with unison strings on the bottom two courses or octave strings.

Bouzoukis can be built with 8 strings, the ZB8 or ZX8, tuned GDAD or similar. For 10 string bouzoukis I use the larger body, the ZX10, tuned DGDAD or similar.

Scale length 25.4"

"It's one of the nicest sounding bouzoukis I've played! " - Donal Clancy

Prices from NZ$2400
Check out the materials HERE and more detailed prices HERE

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