14", 16" and 18" tunable Irish drums. These highly responsive, professional quality drums use maple marine ply, triple laminated, for the rims. The skins are untanned NZ goatskin, the preferred traditional material.

The unique tuning mechanism I have developed is built into the rim and is totally self-contained - no separate spanner or Allen key is needed to adjust them. They are finished in black pre-catalysed nitrocellulose lacquer with leather trim and are supplied with a beater.

I usually build these with a single padded back bar, but, if required, I am happy to fit a more traditional cross-piece.

All bodhrans are supplied with a 'beater'

"It's far and away the best bodhrán I've ever had, and that's mainly because of the beautiful soft skin that it has, combined with your elegant tuning system." - Donal Lunny

Prices (in NZ dollars):
14" $285 - 16" $300 - 18" $325 - padded case $30


Up until now I have been using a particular high grade maple plywood for the rims but am currently unable to source any more from any of my suppliers in New Zealand. I have been trying possible alternatives available here, but as yet have not been able to find anything of a similar quality. And until I can, I'm not willing to build any more drums.

I will continue the search and at some point I am sure I'll track down a suitable alternative, but for the moment I can't accept any more drum orders. Sorry!!!

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